Visitor Info

NOW Reopened with guided tours  
Call or email for time slot
We are an OPEN AIR environment with lots of interaction, education and FUN!!!
Visitor Information: 
Summer Hours ~7 days / week 10am-5pm
Labor Day- Memorial Day 10 am-4pm Tuesday-Friday
Saturdays & Sundays 10-5pm
  • SUMMER CAMP sign up now ! Call 904-429-9777 or sign up online and submit to                                
  •   Feed the sharks & rays! Shark Feedings during all guided tours         
  • Cownose Ray Feedings  
  • Shark tooth dig for the kids( Unavailable during Covid)
  • Snorkel Adventure: water 80 degrees year round, all gear provided!
  • NEW Touch & Identify experience
  • Nature Trail now open
  • Shark Meet & Greet: Feed & TOUCH the sharks &  Southern Rays!
  • Shark Painting Experience! Choose canvas or t shirt with your favorite colors!
  • Eel, Pufferfish and Lionfish Exhibit


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